Episode 11: Rear-End Accidents

In our podcast, Maria and I discussed rear-end accidents, using Maria’s recent accident as our point of departure. While fault is generally clear in these cases, due to the failure to follow the “assured clear distance ahead rule,” the defense generally attempts to show that the injured party is not that badly injured, and that the whiplash that occurred is not a serious injury.

Episode 10: Everyday Law Goes Into Bankruptcy

Sharanya Gururajan has practiced in the area of bankruptcy for 10 years and is an attorney with Ralph, Schwab & Schiever, Chartered ( www.rss-chtd.com). Her interest in this area of the law started with a summer job as a law student with a bankruptcy firm. She loves her work in bankruptcy which involves a great deal of client contact and courtroom work. Though many bankruptcy clients generally feel a lot of embarrassment, fear and regret regarding their situation, Gururajan enjoys the challenge of assisting and reassuring her clients and determining the best course of action for them. Her success in helping her clients is based on disclosure; clients must feel comfortable with their attorney so that they disclose all relevant information needed for the bankruptcy process.

Episode 9: Everyday Law Talks Slip and Falls

In this episode, Everyday Law talks slip and fall accidents, including why these cases are challenging for injured victims, the “Goldilocks defense,” the “notice defense,” and natural versus unnatural accumulations of snow and ice, and how homeowners can take steps to protect themselves from claims.