Episode 99: Jennifer Banek | Coroner Candidate

In this episode we learn about the history, background and plans of Jennifer Banek, candidate for coroner. She aims to promote awareness of health issues as the coroner, including spotlighting issues like the opioid crisis, ethylene oxide, gun control and vaping.


Episode 96: Lake County Recorder Mary Ellen Vanderventer

Join Mary Ellen Vanderventer and her Chief Deputy, Cynthia Pruim-Haran, as we discuss with her what the Lake County Recorder’s Office does and how it helps the Lake County Community! In the Lake County Recorder’s Office, there are over 7 million documents — mostly relating to real property, like homes, or buildings, or land. The office is responsible for holding those documents for title searches (to ensure that a seller has “clear title” to the land he is selling) OR recording liens from workers, materials suppliers or public taxing bodies OR other activities. If you are ever concerned about whether your property has liens on it that you may not know about, Mary Ellen Vanderventer has started a service called “Property Check,” that can help you discover any unwanted activity on what is probably the biggest asset of any family.

Episode 95: Estate Planning with Julie Kolodziej

What can you expect when you see a lawyer to draft your will? How much do you need to prepare? What documents do you need to bring? Join us as we discuss estate planning with Attorney Julie Kolodziej, of The Matlin Law Group, in Northbrook, who has been doing estate planning for nearly 20 years. During our episode, we talk about what led Julie to begin estate planning, the typical documents in a plan (and what happens if you don’t have them), and then we address the concerns that a typical family might have when they begin to plan their estate.