Episode 92: Lake County Treasurer David Stolman

Join Everyday Law and Lake County Treasurer David Stolman, as we discuss what the Treasurer’s Office is, what it does for Lake County, and what challenges it has faced over the last few years — especially with regard to the changes in the tax code regarding the property tax deduction!

Episode 91: Are We in a Constitutional Crisis?

While our leadership garners all of the headlines, could the problems of the country really result from The US Constitution? Has The Constitution stopped working?

Join Attorney Matt Stanton and I as we discuss how the Constitution developed, fortifying the weaknesses of the prior Articles of Confederation; and whether its very structure is preventing us from confronting our current, pressing issues — such as the monopoly power of the tech industry, the bank-bailouts, the aftermath of the Great Recession, and immigration reform.

Episode 90: Accident Reconstruction with Sgt. Andrew Thomas

Join Everyday Law as we discuss accident reconstruction with Sgt. Andrew Thomas of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant Andrew Thomas works for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. He also does accident investigation and reconstruction through his own company, Collision Analytics, LLC, (collisionanalyticsllc.com), for accidents outside McHenry County. In addition to his job for McHenry County and his business, Thomas teaches classes in accident investigation and reconstruction at the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.