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No One Fights Like Family: Estate Litigation


Estate Planning Confidence!
Click on the book for answers to the most common estate planning questions

In this episode of “Legal Minute,” we delve into the world of estate litigation with my esteemed colleague and friend, Jeff O’Kelley.

Jeff is a seasoned estate litigator. He shares his insights and describes why he’s passionate about his work: estate litigation.

The key takeaway is the importance of planning ahead. You never want your family embroiled in legal battles when you are gone.

Making your wishes clear can prevent conflict and ensure your legacy is protected.

That’s why everyone needs an estate plan.

To help you begin, I’ve written a book titled ‘Estate Planning Confidence.’ I address the 49 most common questions families ask about estate planning.

It’s a comprehensive guide designed to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your future and your family’s well-being.

Until next time, take care and take charge of your future.