If you can’t put food on the table, or a roof over the heads of your children, the last thing you think you can afford is a lawyer — no matter how desperately you may need one.

That’s where Prairie State Legal Services comes in.

Sam DiGrino, the managing attorney of Prairie State Legal Services in Lake County, was my guest on Everyday Law to discuss what Prairie State is, and the wide variety of services it provides to the poor and the elderly.

These services range from helping families obtain food stamps; securing in-home help for the infirm; getting health coverage for those in need; handling foreclosure defense, as well as landlord-tenant disputes for Section 8 housing; and school issues, such as residency, expulsion and disciplinary hearings, as well as IEP and 504 issues.

The less fortunate need legal advice as much as anyone – maybe more. They face pressures that could rob them of everyday comforts, comforts that many of us take for granted, including securing food, clothing and shelter. Prairie State helps those in need with legal advice when they need it most.