Estate Planning Confidence is Now Available on Amazon!

Estate Planning Confidence!

“Estate Planning Confidence!” answers 49 of the most common questions about estate planning that you should be asking BEFORE you see an attorney for the first time. These questions include: Is an estate plan for me? What happens if I do not do one? Is it just for the sick, the old, the super-rich? Won’t these documents just sit in a drawer? How likely are the catastrophes that an estate plan is supposed to be for anyway?

Attorney Robert Monahan explains how an estate plan works, why you should use a lawyer, how to handle the complications, what the process is for drafting it, what the essential documents are and how to start your search for a lawyer to help you. The question-and-answer format is simple to use and will guide you through the process, which can be quite scary. “No one,” says Attorney Monahan, “Should be so intimidated that they fail to take the essential steps to protect their families.”

It is his mission to inspire his readers with the confidence to approach the law and estate planning with a “can do” attitude.

Attorney Robert Monahan, Esq.

After spending nearly 10 years practicing law in New York City, I moved my family to Lake County in 2008 in order to raise my children where I grew up, and to start my own law firm. Ever since then, it has been my pleasure to help the families of Lake County with their legal issues.

I care about helping people above and beyond the mere exchange of legal services for dollars. It has been a personal mission to help ordinary people to understand the law better.

  • I give free library lectures about certain legal topics
  • I host a radio show and interview different types of lawyers
  • I have a radio show podcast available on Apple Podcasts
  • I now host a TV show to explain various facets of the law

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

If you have been in an accident, then you know how awful and disorienting it can be.

Slip and Falls

In any situation, the law only holds people accountable for things that they did wrong.

Wrongful Deaths

Shortly after I opened my own law firm, two wrongful death claims came into my office.

Wills and Trusts

So many people know they need an estate plan (will, trust, powers of attorney); But don’t know how having one changes everything.


We are in the middle of a revolution, a “longevity revolution.” We are living longer and longer, with often very good health.


What happens when a loved one dies? The “probate process” will start. You’ll want to locate the Will, if it exists, and file it.