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If you have been in an accident, then you know how awful and disorienting it can be. You may not know what to do at first. You know it hurts. Even if you don't feel the pain at the time, because of the adrenaline rush, it will probably hurt later.
In any situation, the law only holds people accountable for things that they did wrong. There is such a thing as an "accident" where someone gets hurt, and no one is responsible. In order to be liable, the property owner has to have done something wrong.
Shortly after I opened my own law firm, two wrongful death claims came into my office. It might have been the saddest summer I have ever had. I was glad I knew what legal things to do to help them through such a difficult time.
So many people know they need an estate plan (will, trust, powers of attorney). But they don't know why. They don't know what happens if they don't have one. They don't know how having one changes everything.
We are in the middle of a revolution -- a "longevity revolution." We are living longer and longer, with often very good physical health. It is a blessing and a curse, because eventually, age will catch up with all of us.
What happens when your mom or dad or other loved ones die? A better question might even be what "should" happen? Once the death of a loved one happens, the "probate process" starts.