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I used to work for insurance companies. Now I fight for you.

Growing up in Waukegan, I took karate lessons. I learned about hard work, grit and determination. I never knew I would use these skills to fight insurance companies.

In school, I always got good grades, so after high school, I went to college at The University of Chicago. Then, I went to law school at the University of Virginia.

After law school, I got my first job in New York City, defending insurance companies. I did not like it. Insurance companies make money by denying every claim — even when they are responsible.

I made good money; but it was wrong. My job was to hurt people, not ensure they were treated fairly.

One day, a friend of my wife’s asked me to do something different, to handle a case against an insurance company.

I won that case, and it inspired me to switch sides.

After that, I became a “reformed insurance lawyer.”

Early in my career, I changed my path to make a difference. I left defending the big insurance companies in New York City and returned home to help my community.

I don’t need karate to fight the insurance companies. I already have their playbook.

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The Law Is a Helping Profession

Attorney Robert Monahan, Esq.

Helping people for 25 years.

My mission goes beyond legal counsel.

I approach each client with empathy, compassion, and a commitment to education, ensuring they feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

I also provide my community with the following resources:

  • I give free lectures about the law at libraries, banks, nursing homes, etc.
  • I host a radio show and interview lawyers, judges and politicians.
  • My law podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.
  • I write a weekly law column in the Spanish newspaper, "Puro Futbol".

My Practice Areas: Injury Claims and Estates

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

If you have been in an accident, then you know how awful and disorienting it can be.

Slip and Falls

In any situation, the law only holds people accountable for things that they did wrong.

Wrongful Deaths

Shortly after I opened my own law firm, two wrongful death claims came into my office.

Wills and Trusts

So many people know they need an estate plan (will, trust, powers of attorney); But don’t know how having one changes everything.


We are in the middle of a revolution, a “longevity revolution.” We are living longer and longer, with often very good health.


What happens when a loved one dies? The “probate process” will start. You’ll want to locate the Will, if it exists, and file it.